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Catalogue of Acts

Classic Acts

Various Vintage Acts Available

Catalogue of Acts.png

Various vintage acts and costumes available. Can be for both stage and walk through performances.


Costume Color Options:

  • Black Vintage Costume

  • Green Vintage Costume

  • Purple Vintage Costume

  • Blue Vintage Costume

  • Pink/Black Vintage Costume

  • White Vintage Costume

  • Gold/Multicolor Costume

Music Song Choices of Classic Acts: 

  • Lament

  • Nightmare - Artie Shaw

  • Pink Pussycat - 

  • When I Get Low, I Get High

  • Lady Is A Tramp (Singing Act)

Signature Acts

Sweet Marijuana Brown

This signature act was a part of the Mile High Burlesque Fest of 2018. I have various weed theme acts available to other songs as well with this outfit.



  • Sweet Marijuana Brown Mix (neo/classic mix) 

  • Janice Joplin / Steve Miller Band (70’s era mix)

  • When I Get Low I Get High (classic mix)

Sweet Marijuana Brown.jpg

La Diabla

La Diabla.jpg

A shiny, sparkly red flame devil with various acts to this very colorful costume. Large Horns and small hidden revel horns available for your hedonistic pleasure.



  • I Want to be Evil - Eartha Kitt

  • La Diabla - Romeo Santos

  • Satan is Her Name - Steve King

  • Night of The Vampire

  • The Moontrekkers (Duet with performer Freckles Galore)

Black Magic Woman 

This signature act is a combination of two forms of dance. A cross between the ballet folklorico of Mexico and classic burlesque, this signature act was chosen for the 2019 Florida Burlypicks.



  • La Bruja/Black Magic Woman

  • Mariachi Vargas/Santana Mix

Black Magic Woman.jpg

Neo Acts

Themed acts available. Various cosplay, neo, and classic acts can be altered and created upon request. For a quick list of previously performed themed acts, See Below:

  • Jasmine

  • Cruella DeVil

  • Tina Belcher

  • La LLorona

  • Zombie Queen

  • Morticia

  • Black Widow

  • Mermaid

  • She Hulk

  • Raven

  • Esmerelda

  • Queen of Hearts

  • Haley Smith

  • Sorceress/Tarot Reader

  • Bohemian Babe

  • Lydia

  • Dracula’s Daughter

  • Circus Popcorn Girl

  • Batwoman

  • Black Widow

Links to Acts / Reels

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